Adrian, Class of 2019

Adrian is awesome!  He is so awesome that he was able to skip a grade. It was a little bit of a decision for his parents because he has a brother a grade ahead, putting the brothers in the same class (see photos and info. in Luichi’s post a few before this one in Our Journal), and would make Adrian the youngest of his peer group.  But his smart parents were confident in his ability to handle it, and he has thrived!!  He is an Illinois State Scholar, member of NHS and ranked 7th in his class.  He is Captain of the St. Teresa Cross Country Team and member of the Track Team.  Very impressive to say the least, and he is only 16! Adrian’s headed to University of Iowa next year, and he is more than ready.  He is interested in studying biology/health sciences.  That will make three Caceres kids on Iowa’s campus next year.  Robin, the mom, is an Alum and calls this her “hat trick.”  There’s still a younger sister at home, and I wonder if she’ll even have a choice which college she’ll attend 🙂 It’s going to be a little quiet next year in their home, but I bet mom, dad and sis will keep the road well traveled between Decatur and Iowa City. Good luck Adrian!!

Sidebar note: I have had the pleasure of photographing all three grads of this family, and I truly have a warm and fuzzy place in my heart for each individually but also collectively,  They are a model for the saying “It’s All About Family.”  Gotta love the grand parents/great grandparents that are right there in the thick of it all!

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