Carma- St. Teresa Class of 2017

Carma is pure sunshine.  You can see it in her sweet and sparkly eyes.  She’s a joy to spend time with, and we made the most of her senior session.  She wanted to showcase the multiple “loves” in her life: dance, time on the lake, her home and backyard, the historic building where she works, and her family heritage.  Carmalinda is named after her great grandmother from Peru, and she doned a hat commonly worn by her namesake.  It’s easy to understand that Carma is a bright, caring, mature and fun young women, ready to take the big step into the real world.  With her excellent high school achievements (she’s a smarty pants, and Illinois State Scholar), Carma was accepted into the nursing program at University of Iowa!  Congrats Carma.  We are proud of you! 

M o r e   i n f o