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Gracey, Class of 2020

Patience pays off. This young woman had to wait and wait (Covid crisis and then bad weather) for her senior photos, but we finally were able to get together a few weeks ago and get the job done. It was a picture perfect day at Allerton Park, and I couldn’t have had a more gorgeous...

Kaylie, Class of 2020

This is one of those times when I feel my age. Seems like yesterday that I was watching this cute brunette little girl run around the ice rink watching her brother play hockey. Her brother for years played hockey with my son. I remember always watching Kaylie with a new cute little coat being right...

Ken, Class of 2020

The greatest pleasure of photographing seniors for me is the opportunity to get to know these kids. Anyone who is doubtful of what our future looks like has not worked with this generation. They are amazingly talented, resilient, big thinkers, compassionate, empathetic, and open minded. Ken is all that and more! He has his act...

Stephanie, Class of 2020

I have to say this was one of my favorite senior sessions because we decided from the beginning we were “all in.” Steph, her mom and I collaborated on a variety of ideas, and went to great length to make them happen, having a blast all along the way. And what I learned is that...

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