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Jacob, Class of 2019

Last summer I met Jacob when he was working for a landscaping business and in 100+ degree heat. He was in my back yard chopping down a dead bush.  I thought this kid has an amazing work ethic and/or must love being outdoors.  A few weeks later when we met for his senior photo consultation,...

Nick, Class of 2019

I have many of the same interests/loves as Nick – upland game hunting, English Setters, fishing and hockey.  I guess I’m just a spectator and fan of all these sports  (except that I am a proud angler).  Nick is a major participant! He has played hockey since he was four, and I can remember watching...

Adrian, Class of 2019

Adrian is awesome!  He is so awesome that he was able to skip a grade. It was a little bit of a decision for his parents because he has a brother a grade ahead, putting the brothers in the same class (see photos and info. in Luichi’s post a few before this one in Our...

Courtney, Class of 2019

Courtney has the best smile. It can light up a room, and for sure it lights up my camera. She has the cutest dimples. She has the sweetest disposition to match her smile, although I hear she can put on a great “game face” in both volleyball and softball. Courtney has played on both winning...

Joe, Class of 2019

This is no average Joe! No no. This Joe is way above average, and pretty much surpassing “excellent” in everything he tackles. First is academics, which he has been on NHS since his sophomore year, Illinois State Scholar and the tip top ten in his class rank. Extracurricularly he has lettered in Boys Tennis all...

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