Congrats to Gillian, St. Teresa HS 2017

Gillian reminds me of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde.  She’s very bright, very capable, a great leader, and has a great eye for fashion.  Oh, and she’s a gorgeous blonde!  I know she’s a little more humble then Elle, and probabily wouldn’t tell you, but she’s been VP of NHS, Yearbook Editor, Illinois State Scholar, Youth Leadership Institute, Kairos Leader, Thespian… the list goes on.  She’s also has worked at Del’s Popcorn Shop (see photo) while doing all the above activities and getting excellent grades. What matters to Gillian most, however, is her family.  She took me to her grandparents’ home for her outdoor shoot.  It’s a very special manicured garden with beautiful flora, benches and dwellings, and a pine forest decorated seasonally. In the studio we took mother/daughters and sibling photos.  (The “sisters shot” had a viewing on National TV!! Gillian’s dad is a NFL camera man, and following the Thanksgiving Day game coverage they traditionally show crew member’s family photos.) Gillian’s family is going to miss her next year, but luckily she won’t be too far away at University of Illinois. I look forward to seeing what the next chapter brings Gillian.  (I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Harvard Law in her future like Elle.)

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