George, MTZ Class of 2017

George is a big outdoors guy, and loves to fish, hunt, and ski.  It’s appropriate that we spent much of his senior shoot walking the trails of a local park, and we actually talked quite a bit fishing and hunting.  (Not many people know this about me, but I really enjoy fishing and hunting. I don’t carry a gun but tag along to watch the dogs work when my husband hunts for quail and pheasant.) He has had many incredible experiences fishing in both fresh and salt water, as well as hunting large to small game. He’s a great story teller too, and I really enjoyed hearing about some of his adventures. His next big adventure is heading off to college at Purdue University.  With his strong high school performance, easy going personality and willingness to try new things, there is not doubt that George will be successful at Purdue and beyond. (And his awesome smile will help some too.)

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