Henry, Class of 2020

I finished last year’s Spotlight On Seniors with Henry’s older brother Jacob.  They are a year apart in school, and for the most part I am sure we all thought it would be a repeat of the typical end of year senior fanfare.  Little did we know how different this year would end.  No prom, not sports, no awards ceremonies….maybe no graduation ceremony.  Despite all that, Henry is a one of those kids that sees the glass half full, and with a positive attitude and nice smile would shrug his shoulders and say he had a great high school experience.  I’d second that!  He is a star in the classroom earning awards as Rotary Scholar Athlete, Hickory Point Merit Scholar and member of National Honor Society. He played varsity baseball for Lutheran School Association, and also served as youth representative on the church council.  Outside of school, Henry is very interested in military history, mostly WWII, and likes to play various war strategy computer games. So cool!  Henry will be following in his dad’s footsteps, attending the prestigious University of Illinois School of Architecture.  Very impressive! Henry looks positively back over his high school days, but I would say his future is looking pretty darn bright too.  Good luck Henry!


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