Julia, Class of 2020

Did any of you know there is a song by the Beatles called “Julia”?   The lyrics go….
“Julia, Julia, ocean child, calls me, So I sang a song of love, Julia.  Julia, seashell eyes, windy smile, calls me.  So I sing a song of love, Julia….”  

I know her parents did not name her after this song, but I cannot help but think of this song when I think of Julia. Listen to the U Tube version of John Lennon singing accompanied by an acoustic guitar.  It’s beautiful, just like Julia.  Doesn’t she look like a lake child (close to an ocean child) in the white dress in front  of the Lilly Pads below?  What was really fun about this natural backdrop is that it is right around the corner from Julia’s home. She has walked/drove past this beautiful display ever summer.  I love to incorporate meaningful locations into a senior shoot.  Another meaningful spot is the brick road and stone covered building for the winter set of photos we did below.  That location is her family’s business. (Fun fact: we shot both the lilly pads and the stone building photos in the same afternoon.  Ha!  The magic of photography – a wardrobe change and you can have two seasons in one day.)  I love the close up of her face with the fur hood.  I guess you could describe her eyes as “seashell eyes” like the lyrics because they are a gorgeous ocean blue.  Obviously Julia is super photogenic – but this girl is so much more.  She’s an athlete – track and pole vault – yes I said pole vault.  That takes some work and dedication!  She made the most of her years at St. Teresa High School, as a cheerleader, yearbook staff, and National Honor Society.  She’s a beauty, but also a smarty. Julia is going to study the field of medicine at the University of Arkansas.  You gotta love these kids who just want to give back to the world.  Julia’s parents met at the University of Arkansas, so it’s extra exciting for her family to return to Fayetteville.  Can you see a theme here? The lilly pads around the corner from her home; the brick and stone building of her family’s business; following her parents’ footsteps to Arkansas.  It’s really all about family for Julia. Amen!  Godspeed to you Julia.

PS – One of my favorite people in the whole wide world was her grandmother Genevieve Whitney. Gen was so proud of Julia.  I know why.

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