Kaylie, Class of 2020

This is one of those times when I feel my age. Seems like yesterday that I was watching this cute brunette little girl run around the ice rink watching her brother play hockey. Her brother for years played hockey with my son. I remember always watching Kaylie with a new cute little coat being right on the edge of the ice cheering on her brother. She was full of energy. Fast forward a decade and she’s just as cute, and still full of energy and lots of fun. We had a great time cruising around on her family boat on Lake Decatur for our shoot. In the falll we met at a good family friend’s home and played in the colorful leaves, as well as the corn field with her bow. She’s an avid deer hunting. Kaylie and her family had the best ideas for the shoots. I was so happy we could incorporate a grad session just weeks ago with her brother (ISU grad). Kaylie graduated from St. Teresa. I am looking forward to her next chapter. Good luck Kaylie!

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