Ken, Class of 2020

The greatest pleasure of photographing seniors for me is the opportunity to get to know these kids. Anyone who is doubtful of what our future looks like has not worked with this generation. They are amazingly talented, resilient, big thinkers, compassionate, empathetic, and open minded. Ken is all that and more! He has his act together way more than the majority of adults I know. I really enjoyed collaborating with him before his shoot, and appreciated his strong artistic eye. In fact, my assistant, Alec, and I were blown away by his knowledge of graphic design and current software techniques. Ken has excelled in art at MacArthur High School, and took advantage of a wide variety of art and graphic design classes at Richland Community College. He has truly discovered his passion, which is impressive at any age. Ken excelled outside his studio classes as well, graduating Summa Cum Laude from MacArthur. He also was awarded Gold Delta and Presidential Excellence Award. Ken plans to attend Eastern Illinois University in the fall and major in Graphic Arts. Best of luck Ken!!

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