Paula, Maroa Forsyth HS 2018


Words that first come to mind when describing Paula are authentic, natural, genuine, creative, independent, kind and intelligent.  When we sat down in her pre-shoot consultation to brainstorm locations and style, one of the first things she asked is if it’s ok if she not wear make-up.  She never wears make-up and wanted the images to not look like someone she is not.  “Of course!” I said. Furthermore, who would ever cover up that gorgeous skin or do anything to change her beautiful brown eyes?  She’s a natural beauty. And that hair!  She has since cute her hair and donated it to Locks Of Love. So Paula! Then in our consultation we talked about things that she loves and how to incorporate them, like her guitar and ukulele.  It was her idea to string a hammock for some shots.  Brilliant!  It was a very fun and chill session,  and truly unique to Paula.  The photograph on the top is one of my favorites, because it shows her in her natural glow, but also represents for me the bright future that awaits this girl.  When I said “intelligent” above, it’s an understatement.  She has a full ride to study Areospace Engineering at University of Illinois in Champaign.  Yep! She wants to then go on to grad school to study Astrophysics. She’s the kind of women that we want to lead us into the future.  I am so proud I was able to capture her as she is right now.  Good luck Paula!

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