Rosie, MacArthur HS 2017

Rosie is a gracious, gorgeous, and gregarious gal.  Add another G, because she’s also Greek (aka Greek goddess)!  I first met her when I photographed her sister two years ago.  The two sisters are extremely close so we knew it was important to capture a few sibs shots in her senior session. Their tradition since they were little for family photos always includes a piggy back image (see the shot from Grace’s senior session). She’s followed in her sister’s footsteps with a long list of high school accomplishments, including Illinois State Scholar, Pres. of National Honor Society, MHS Athletic Scholar, Varsity Track and Cross County.  This well rounded beauty will fit right in the land of “brainy blondes,” attending San Diego State University next fall. Good luck Rosie! I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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