Zoe, Mt. Zion HS 2018

Anyone who knows Zoe that is reading this blog knows that it’s an understatement to say she’s a remarkable young lady or that she has a remarkable story.  My husband tells me I fall in love with all my seniors, which might be true, but I absolutely have fallen in love with Zoe for so many reasons.  One reason is of course that she’s a ginger 🙂 ;  another is because she’s super smart and talented (NHS, Swingsations Show Choir, vocal ensemble groups, girls soccer team); another is that she has a super strong faith; and another is because she’s super funny and fun to be around.  Her joy and confidence in who she is can be very impactful when you meet her, as if she is much older than eighteen.  She’s an inspiration to this lady that’s three times her age. Zoe’s story is that she lost her single mom to cancer just a few years ago in the middle of high school.  She was left without a family to help her finish her high school years and support her through taking the next steps.  Along came her angels the Perry Family. They were already on the scene in her life, as their daughters were good friends and part of her show choir family.  The Perrys adopted her and she has perfectly fit and blending in this all girl household.  (yes, I am crying writing this, so in awe in the commitment and faith of the Perrys.) The last photo in this series if one of my all time favs of Elaine and Zoe.  Elaine is not her mom, but she has just continued where Zoe’s mom ended.  They have a beautiful relationship.  I wish I could have met Zoe’s mom – I know she had to be remarkable too.  Zoe is headed to Taylor University in Indiana next year to study music and psychology. Good luck Zoe!!  Love you! 

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